Fasting for the spiritually inclined, is something that can be very fulfilling for both individuals and the healing of illnesses. When we go fasting, we are essentially removing the “hook” that is attached to the fast. Fasting, in general, is the voluntary relinquishing of food for a specified period of time, usually about 24 hours. In a spiritual sense, fasting can mean the physical condition of an individual who has just not eaten, or who has never eaten for some reason. During a fasting experience, many physiological changes take place. For example, during a fasting experience the body is filled with more oxygen than normal which is the result of blood vessels having increased in size due to reduced pressure caused by the removal of food. During this process, there may also be increased blood flow to different areas of the body such as the digestive system, the brain, and the immune system.

When the body experiences such a change, it is then able to heal faster. This is because, even though a person has not been eating, the body still needs energy to perform all of its daily functions. When the body does not have the energy it needs to perform these functions, it can no longer heal. The body has to work overtime to get the energy to perform these daily functions. As a result, fasting can have a very beneficial effect on the body because it allows the body to heal more quickly. It is through fasting that the body is allowed to heal itself.

Although the physical benefits of fasting are important, the most important benefits that it can give to a person are mental and spiritual. When a person goes into a fasting state, he or she will experience a spiritual awakening. The body is empty and therefore feels as if it is empty as well. It begins to heal itself while at the same time releasing the negative effects of food. The mind also begins to relax and it is no longer filled with stress or negativity, which is why fasting has been referred to as a “sabbath” which means that it is a time to return to a healthier state.