There are a number of ways you can enhance your appearance without invasive surgery. Dermal fillers are a great option for those who want a more youthful appearance. This quick cosmetic fix is now extremely popular as fillers can be inserted in just a couple of hours.

Dermal Fillers

If you want to gain a more youthful, fuller appearance, then dermal fillers are an excellent choice. When you are going to your first consultation, keep in mind that this is not a one-size fits all treatment. No matter what doctor you visit they should consult you on the filler that will suit the different contours and lines on your face. Do your own research at home and make sure you are well informed about the procedure before you go ahead with it. Check over what type of dermal filler course or dermal filler training your doctor has had.

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Facial Fillers Glasgow

Dermal fillers are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Depending on your age and the condition of your skin, dermal filler application varies from patient to patient.

Under Eye Hollows: This is an extremely popular treatment for those who want to restore volume under their eyes. This gives the patient’s face a fuller, more youthful look. Surgeons will fix this area by injecting filler in the cheek. Some patients require the injection of filler on top of the bone which can be found directly below the eye. A facial fillers Glasgow surgeon can talk you through this procedure.

Nose to Mouth: This is an area that can age over the years.  Patients may just want to restore the area between their nose and mouth, which is otherwise known as the nasolabial fold.  Lines appear in this area due to ageing and filler can make it look less wrinkled and fuller. Botox training is necessary for this type of procedure.

Cheeks/Lip fillers Glasgow:  Lip fillers have become extremely popular with younger women who do not wish to line their lips daily. This treatment can be applied to adult patients of all ages who are worried about the lack of volume which is in these areas. Ageing can also cause the cheeks and lips to thin.

Dermal Fillers Glasgow: Choosing The Right Procedure

Dermal Fillers Glasgow surgeon, Dr Darren McKeown is an expert in dermal filler application. He says that many of his patients have been failed by other practitioners due to their lack of training: “choosing the right filler and injecting just the right amount in the right places is paramount to achieving a good result.”

In the past, the media have slammed celebrities for having too much filler applied to their faces. A trained practitioner will apply judge how much filler should be added, making your face look natural. You may not even notice that some of your favourite public figures have Botox or dermal fillers as it is being applied in the correct way. This is something that every patient and doctor should aim for.

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If you are thinking about going ahead with a dermal filler treatment, it is vital that you enlist a recommended surgeon. During your dermal filler consultation, your surgeon should be transparent with you and should only offer you the appropriate treatments for your needs.