The Dhabba has food that make it one of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow.

Glasgow is often hailed as one of the best cities in the UK for great Indian restaurants. Some of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow each have their own specialities and dishes which they are the best at. We decided to try out some of the top reviewed places in order to give you a better idea of where you can get your Indian food fix. Many of the top restaurants are now much healthier than they have been in the past, meaning you can absolutely find a healthy option out of one of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow.

Read on and find out what we thought of some of these top spots.


The Dhabba is a brilliant South Indian restaurant based in the lively Merchant City area of Glasgow. They are often ranked as one of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow due to their incredible service and delicious cuisine. All of the recipes they use were handed down from generation to generation in order to come to the centre of Glasgow. The Dhabba is great for those who have some intolerances as they have many gluten-free options, and many vegetarian or vegan options too!

A group of friends at one of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow.

The interior is modern and stylish, and they like to keep things quirky, with menus designed as Indian newspapers and so on. You will find them right next to all of the best bars in Merchant Square and the event-filled Candleriggs Street.  They really are one of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow.


Koolba is a popular Indian restaurant, also based in the Merchant City area. They are a mix of both Indian and Persian cuisine. Dishes aren’t always what you would expect from an Indian restaurant, with some included feta and other being flavoured with Scottish heather-infused honey. Much of their Persian cuisine is cooked on an open charcoal grill, which gives them a real twist in terms of flavour.

The interior is warm and relaxed, with beautiful canopied ceilings. They are located just across the road from many major venues so a great spot to visit if you get the chance.

Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular desserts in the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow.

Mother India

Mother India is one of the mainstays in the Indian restaurant scene within Glasgow. It has been a popular haunt for all lovers of Indian food for many years and remains to be one of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow.

Their original branch is located near the University of Glasgow and nearby Kelvingrove museum, making it a popular spot for hipsters and West-Enders. That said, they have opened new spots in Bearsden and in Edinburgh, which makes this great Indian restaurant even easier to try out if you fancy some classic Indian cuisine.