Electric vehicles at the moment are being widely adopted by car manufacturers thanks to an increase in popularity for vehicles such as hybrids and fully electric vehicles. This surge in demand as well as production has come as a result of a response to climate change and the way cars are contributing to overall pollution and a changing environment.

What Is Causing Pollution?

As well as cars there are a number of other culprits that are leading to a rise in overall pollution. One of the biggest drivers of pollution other than cars is practices that are used to extract naturally occurring resources and minerals from the earth.

One of the most commonly attributed sources of pollution is oil drilling. Over the years there have been many disasters in which an area has become heavily polluted overall due to massive oil spills as a result of an accident. As well as leading to deaths in the local wildlife population this can also damage the environment around the site long term.

Other factors that contribute to pollution include landfills and incinerators. Industrial incinerators as well as landfills can contribute to overall co2 emissions as burning items produces these emissions. In addition to this the landfill process leads to items rotting in the earth and causing harmful chemicals to seep through layers of the earth. In addition to this harmful gases are emitted as a result of all the waste festering in the landfill site.

How Can Pollution Be Tackled?

There are a variety of different ways in which pollution can be tackled overall. One of the most fundamental parts of tackling pollution overall is raising awareness about the issue as a whole. Raising awareness about pollution means that people are more likely to change their lifestyle to help the cause as well as inform others about the dangers of high levels of pollution overall.

One of the best ways in which pollution can be tackled is through the use of improved recycling techniques. Across the UK increasingly recycling is being rolled out across a number of different areas. However although there is a lot of recycling schemes in place there are still many landfills that are operating around the country and are damaging the environment heavily overall.

Although in some locations in England there are increasing numbers of waste to energy plants. These plants can convert waste to energy. This means that rather than waste polluting the ground it can be recycled or transferred into energy through a variety of different processes. This is considerably more environmentally friendly overall.

How Are Electric Vehicles Making An Impact Overall?

Electric vehicles on the whole have had a significant impact on the environment and pollution overall. Thanks to their electric motors they do not contribute to carbon emissions and are much less taxing on the environment. However the disposal of electric vehicle batteries is still a debate that is raging as it is thought that this can damage the environment also. Overall they appear to be having a positive impact but time will tell whether electric cars become the new next generation of transport.