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So, you’ve decided that you are up for the challenge. A 10k awaits you and you want to know how to best prepare yourself for the big event. There are tonnes of places around Scotland that regularly host long distance events all of which are a fantastic test of endurance. Whether you are a beginner seeking something to test your limits or a seasoned veteran of the fitness game, knowing how to approach training for a 10k is critical.

There are a few ways to go about it. If you prefer to train in your local Glasgow City Centre Gym, then tailor your workouts to incorporate gym equipment and make the most of the facilities. If you want to train outdoors and boost your Fitness in Glasgow, going out a run can be a productive method of preparation. Whatever you opt for, have a look at our top tips to make sure you are in fighting shape for the big day.

Fitness Glasgow RunningDesigning Your Training Plan in a Glasgow Gym

Developing a focus training plan specific to a 10k is vital to make sure you are as prepared as can be. If your workout has included some form of running, you would be advised to alter this to make sure you are targeting a few different training aspects. Running both long and short distances is a great place to start. A useful template to design your routine is to make sure you are including at least 3 runs per week, in a weekly 5-day program. From the 3 runs, 2 of them should be long distance and intense, designed to test your limits. The other should be a shorter, slower-paced run. The first two runs should aim to last between 60-90 minutes, with the shorter being around 30. This variation will test your endurance, stamina and maintain a disciplined training routine to get you in the right shape.


Make Use of Your Gym Membership Glasgow

Today’s modern gym equipment is designed to take into account all forms of training. From treadmills to cycling bikes, they can be altered to suit your training requirements. To tailor your training specific to a 10k, make use of the incline and decline features to best represent the realistic nature of a 10k. Running on flat ground on a treadmill would not be representative of how a cross country run is, as hills and slopes come into the equation which can be testing if the runner is unprepared.

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Train Anytime in your 24 Hr Gym Glasgow

Whether it’s day, night, morning or afternoon, training at different times of the day is a good way to mix your routine up and keep it fresh. Go to the gym first thing before work. Go for a run late at night. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your training is focused and tailored to give you the best chance of completing a 10k and achieve a feat that not many dare to attempt.