Stoves Glasgow

As we venture into the middle of the winter season we are all feeling the drop in temperature. Is there anything better than retreating back to your warm living space after a day out in the cold? Stoves Glasgow have 10 ways to stay warm this winter.

1.      Warm up yourself first.

Changing your body temperature first is a lot easier and quicker than heating up a large room. Instead of instantly reaching for the thermostat, try adding on a few more layers of clothing to keep you cosy.

2.      Stop the Drafts

Make sure your home is completely draft proofed as this is the best way to cut costs on energy and keep you warmed up. The main causes for drafts are under doors and windows that don’t close fully. For doors you can buy draft excluders to sit in front of your doors. With window drafts, pick up some adhesive foam strips.

3.      Wood Burning Stoves Glasgow

If you are looking for a more permanent and cost effective solution to heating up your home then wood burning stoves may be an ideal option. There are plenty of companies that provide stove installation in Glasgow, however, as this is a specialist job it is best to hire a reputable company.

4.      Draw the curtains

One of the most common causes of heat loss is open curtains. By closing the drapes you exclude any drafts coming in from the windows and stop the heat escaping.

5.      Have warm Food and Drinks

Continue to have regular warming foods and drinks such as soups, stews and porridge. Make sure to drink plenty of warming fluids such as tea, coffee and hot diluting juice. You can find some delicious recipes here.

6.      Doors open and closed

It’s always best to keep doors closed in your home to keep heat in however there are certain doors to keep open that can improve heat. If you are cooking and using your oven and hobs then it’s beneficial to keep your door open to spread the heat.

7.      Position your bed

Don’t put your bed up against an exterior wall as this will transfer the cold to your mattress. Also layer your covers with thin blankets on top with the fluffiest blankets closest to your skin.

8.      Use Rugs and Carpets

If you have wooden flooring then it may be best to invest in some rugs or carpets to lay on your floor to help keep the heat.

9.      Stay Active

Stay as active as possible, whether that be through cleaning the house, exercise or a brisk walk. This is a sure way to warm up quickly.

10. Check your fireplace

If you have a fireplace it is best to check your fireplace flue and if it is closed when you don’t have a fire to help prevent unnecessary heat loss.