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It is common to suffer from SAD over the winter months.  This seasonal affective disorder can cause some to feel sadder and more depressed than usual. SAD usually occurs during the late fall and early winter months, when less natural sunlight is available.

During this time, it is important that you treat your body and mind with respect. There are a number of things you can do to boost your morale over this period of darkness – that don’t require you to book a holiday to a sunny destination. 


Many believe that meditation and mindfulness are good for the soul. Practice makes perfect when it comes to meditation and for many, it is part of daily life. Meditation is what many of us use to escape from the stress at work and home and is great for relaxing. Essentially, meditation gives us time to clear our minds.


Do Good, Feel Good

Many of us want to give back, but we find it hard to make the time. Volunteering isn’t always the option, although there are many options out there. Whether you give up one Saturday a month to help at your local charity shop or donate a bag of unneeded bag of clothes, you are still making a difference to your community.

Positive People

We all need positive people in our life. Growing friendships isn’t easy as the best friendships and relationships are based on love. Everyone is balancing social life, work, and personal growth which sometimes makes friendship tough. Sometimes our life changes and friendships may drift apart.

Keeping a hold of friends who want you to be happy is important and those are the most important relationships. Cherish the friendships that make you a better person and let go of those who are distracting you from focussing your mind. You can make new friendships at any age, therefore it is important that you are always open to new, positive people.

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Eat healthy

A healthy body means a healthy mind and of course, that means eating well.

Make sure that you are fueling your body with fresh food and lots of water. It is extremely important that you are hydrated throughout the day is this is what keeps your brain functioning effectively.

If you are struggling with your diet, start by cutting down on wheat, dairy, caffeine, and sugar. All of the ingredients mentioned can affect how the body is feeling and of course the mind.

Everyone is different and has different dietary requirements. If you are unsure about what is affecting you the most, then you can experiment by cutting out a certain foods or drinks each week.

Find a Hobby

Finding a hobby is a great way to take your mind off things at work or university that may be stressing you.

Before you settle at going to the gym or running, try to find something that you are passionate about and enjoy.  It doesn’t have to be an exercise it can be painting, singing or going for a hill walk with a friend. Choose something that makes you happy!