dining in Glasgow gluten free

Dining out with our friends and family has become a focal point of a happy social life. We tend to use this time to celebrate, catch up with friends or treat ourselves. However, if you are living a gluten free lifestyle, dining out can sometimes be challenging. Here we have tips to dining in Glasgow gluten-free to help you enjoy socialising with great meals.

How to choose

Gluten-free Certified – Where possible, choose restaurants that promote a gluten-free menu and the restaurant has certification and training through a recognised celiac disease support group. This means that you can take comfort in knowing that the restaurant is fully knowledgeable about gluten-free dining and takes careful consideration with their meal prep to ensure no gluten is in their dishes. There are a number of chain restaurants who have gluten-free specific menus.

Non-certified – You may find smaller restaurants and cafes that offer gluten free meals or products but show no signs that they are certified or trained through any recognised bodies. If this is the case then you will need to make sure you ask your server any questions about the meal you may have. If your food arrives and you are still unsure then don’t hesitate to question it.

Notify your server – Always make sure to explain to your server that you have an intolerance or celiac disease and need to avoid any wheat, barley or rye as this can be found in most oats, flour, breading, soy or certain sauces.

Dining in Glasgow

Check Ahead

If you are planning on dining in Glasgow then do some research on restaurants that tailor to gluten-free diets. If you are unsure about the menu or items then it is best to call ahead the restaurant and ask any questions you may have about specific dishes or the menu itself.

Restaurant Choices for Dining in Glasgow

For dining in Glasgow, there are a wide range of restaurants that cater to gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Here we have a few examples to help you dine in glasgow gluten-free.

Quick Bites

Martha’s – If you’re in the city centre and looking for a quick bite to eat then Martha’s is the perfect spot. They pride themselves on healthy fast food with all the allergens listed for you to see.

Tinderbox – Stopping for coffee and cake? Look no further than Tinderbox, with a number of cafe’s in different locations across the city you’ll be spoilt for choice with their gluten-free cake range.

Dining in Glasgow

Dakhin – Dakhin is situated in the heart of merchant city and is the only South Indian Restaurant that is 100% gluten-free. You can enjoy their gluten-free selection of breads, Keerai Bhaji, Biryani, Meen Chuttathu and so much more to choose from. This is a perfect choice for authentic indian food on a gluten-free diet.

Bibi’s – If you’re looking for your Mexican fix then Bibi’s is perfect choice in the West End with a great range of delicious gluten-free dishes.

dining in Glasgow gluten-free