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Are Electric Vehicles The Right Way Forward For Our Environment And Our Health?

Electric vehicles at the moment are being widely adopted by car manufacturers thanks to an increase in popularity for vehicles such as hybrids and fully electric vehicles. This surge in demand as well as production has come as a result of a response to climate change and the way cars are...

We Tried Out Some Of The Best Indian Restaurants In Glasgow…

The Dhabba has food that make it one of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow.
Glasgow is often hailed as one of the best cities in the UK for great Indian restaurants. Some of the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow each have their own specialities and dishes which they are the best at. We decided to try out some of the top reviewed places in order to give you...

What Are SDTM Clinical Trials?

SDTM clinical trials
SDTM clinical trials are trials that are undertaken typically to research new medicines , perform tests for medical equipment or to conduct general research for the purposes of medicine or treatment overall. How Can Clinical Trials Affect Peoples Health In Society? There are...


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